How to easily remove grease stains at home remedies

How to easily remove grease stains at home remedies

Blot the grease away with a paper towel. Cover the stain with baby powder, then remove it with a spoon. Work some liquid soap into the stain with your thumb. Rub the stain with an old toothbrush on both sides of the fabric. Wash the garment separately, and let it hang dry.

1.Cover grease or oil stain generously with baby powder. 

You can use generic baby powder if you like. If you don't have baby powder, try using these other absorbents:

2.Drying in the extremely hot mechanical dryer.
 or use iron on your cloth may cause any lingering oil or grease to set into the clothing.

3.Remove the baby powder from the clothing with a paper towel or spoon. 
Do this carefully, avoiding any spillage onto other parts of the clothing.

4.Work a small amount of hand dishwashing detergent and water into stain with your thumb. 
Once the detergent begins to foam up, take an old toothbrush and begin rubbing the stain using circular motions.
*Be sure to attack the stain from both sides of the fabric (inside the shirt and outside the shirt, for example).

5.Wash the clothing, alone, with laundry detergent. 
Follow washing instructions on clothing label exactly.
When ready to dry, allow the clothing to air-dry.

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