Yummy Chicken Corn Soup Recipe

Yummy Chicken Corn Soup Recipe

Get chicken corn soup recipe in Urdu   and enjoy a delicious healthful soup at home. With boneless chicken, egg, corn flour and few other ingredients you are going to enjoy a very tasteful soup. Make it and share your reviews how was it?

Ingredients :

• Aik poa chicken boneless boil
• 1 litre water
• 2 egg
• 8 black pepper crush
• 1/4 cup corn seed boil & grind
• 2,3 tbs corn flour & 1/2 cup water
• salt according to taste
• chilli sauce , soya sauce,vineger according to taste


sab se phelay chicken ko bowl mein dalay phir us mein water, black peper , salt dal kar nakni taiyaar kar lay .Chicken cook hojaye tu use nikal lay us ko shered kar lay ab corn seed ko grind kar lay corn seed ko bhi yakni mein dal dey ab us mein chilli sauce, vineger, soyasauce bhi yahni mein dal day us ko pakny day phir baad mein shered chicken bhi dal day
corn flour ko water mein ghol kar us ko bhi yakni mein dal day spoon chlathe rahe egg achi tarha beet kar kay slow slow yakni mein dalhe spoon bhi chalath rahe mazedar corn soup taiyar hain

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